25 years of expertise, a high-quality product portfolio and customer oriented services for wholesalers in Europe! For a quarter of a century AMPri has been carrying an almost complete and adapted to local requirements assortment of more than 500 different disposable products for various application areas, such as medical, dental, hygiene, care and occupational safety.

It is fundamental to AMPri to communicate important product knowledge and everything necessary regarding laws and regulations concerning the products and their application to its wholesale and industry customers.

Knowledge creates transparency in the markets for personal protective equipment (PPE) and disposable medical products. These markets are becoming more and more complex due to new laws, regulations, rules and material diversity. Only those knowing what the legislator allows and requires and being able to take the decisions as to which materials are suitable and for which requirements, will hold its ground on the market for disposable PPE clothing and protective gloves that provide the correct PPE products for their customers. With its new competence centre, that includes a laboratory and academy, AMPri will provide the best solution for this to customers and users as of April 2019.

AMPri’s corporate headquarters are located in Winsen (Luhe) in close proximity to the port of Hamburg – the “gateway to the world”! In our own warehouse area of about 15,000 m² a good 2,500 containers per year are handled. This stock level ensures a fast delivery even in the case of large or spontaneous orders. 

Innovative products, a well-balanced price performance ratio as well as motivated and highly skilled employees provide AMPri’s customers with additional safety and success in sales.