Flor Kft.

Flor is one of the leading hygiene solution providers of Hungary, serving customers since 1994. The company offers a full scale portfolio of detergents, hygienic paper supplies, cleaning tools and machinery as well as complimenting items for the HoReCa sector and industry. Countrywide express logistics and a 24/7 cleaning machine maintenance service help them fulfilling our customers’ needs.

Over the past two decades, thanks to the successful efforts, Flor became a dominant player on the hygiene and cleaning technology market. Their dynamic team, international background and 1700 m² storage facility ensure market-leading service for international and local accounts as well. Customer satisfaction is the key goal for Flor’s staff, that provides a wide range of high quality services.

In January 2010 Flor joined the INPACS group, which has been a strategic step towards a greatly expanded and highly competitive product portfolio. Direct import of leading brands and value for money offers enable them to cover a wide variety of customer needs. As a result, Flor can offer comprehensive cleaning and sanitation systems for virtually all applications, complete solutions for institutional care, hotels and the hospitality industry.

Flor’s services include

  • Direct and personal contact with customers
  • Creation of cost-effective cleaning plans
  • Technical consulting
  • Countrywide express shipping
  • 24 hours nationwide maintenance service for cleaning machines
  • Leasing options
  • Spare parts supply from stock
  • After-sales service
  • Education and trainings


Flor is committed to high quality products and services. To ensure constant reliability and environmental responsibility, Flor complies with BS EN ISO 9001:2009 and BS EN ISO 14001:2005 standards. Internal processes are regularly evaluated to support continuous development and proactive operations.


Flor values cooperativity with customers as well as among its employees. Good teamwork is the key to innovatively work together on serving end-users, providing the best solution for their specific needs.


Flor’s one-stop-shop service helps customers in finding the most fitting products and services in one place. Their wide portfolio enables Flor to give a comprehensive solution considering all aspects of the end-user’s hygienic needs. Working with one distributor greatly reduces administrative costs, while it gives the benefit of better understanding customer expectations.


Flor’s goal is to focus on gradually reducing emission, energy use and quantity of packaging waste in our industry. Their portfolio contains market-leading brands that comply the latest environmental standards including EMAS, Nordic Swan and EU Ecolablel. Environmental regards are also considered in the selection of other suppliers, including third party shipping service providers. Flor itself also complies with the BS EN ISO 14001:2005 environmental standard.

Health and Safety

Costs and environment are important aspects in corporate decisions, but Flor never forgets to focus on the fact that its products are used by people day by day. Their health and safety are accentually taken into consideration when Flor pursues the use of the latest innovations providing the smallest risk of use.

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Flor Kft. (head office)
Megyeri út 51.
1044 Budapest

phone: + 36 (0) 329 3200
fax: (+36-1) 329-3132

e-mail: info@flor.hu
website: www.flor.hu

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