The company IGEFA s.r.o. has been in the Czech market since 1993. It is a subsidiary of Igefa GmbH & Co. KG Dresden, which has a leading position among wholesalers specialized in professional cleaning and hygiene services in Germany. During these years, we have worked out a market position that brought us many satisfied customers and this trend continues to grow.

Our achievements are based on the fact that we are able to provide a wide range of high-quality products and services. For reasons of cooperation with suppliers of major brands and our logistic park we provide delivery on the whole territory of the Czech Republic.

The aim is to create a flexible evolving system, responding to new needs of customers´ operations saving time and costs.

The product range consists of 12,000 products for professional use in the areas of cleaning and hygiene. IGEFA s.r.o. offers a wide range of products starting from universal detergents to the complete range of paper products and hygiene products for incontinence.

Providing the full product range is accompanied by an excellent aftersales service to their customers in the healthcare sector, industry and the HoReCa business.

In addition to standard business operations, IGEFA s.r.o. sales representatives offer comprehensive advice about selling products and technologies according to each customer's requirements..

Their goals are continuous development of the cooperation with customers, products and services range and the professional level of the company´s employees. IGEFA s.r.o. is a friendly and dynamic team based on good relationships.


Textilní 3454/3a
403 31, Ústí nad Labem
Česká Republika

phone: +420 (0) 475 522 070

website: www.igefa-roin.cz


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