INPACS, a Climate Neutral Company

INPACS is aware of its Corporate Social Responsibility and has respective policies in place. Amongst others, this responsibility involves taking into consideration all environmental impacts created by INPACS business operations.

In this respect, INPACS Headquarters have built up an Environmental Management System and has been certified according to ISO 14001 in June 2015. The environmental data requested in the context of this management system gave INPACS transparency of its GHG footprint, mainly caused by personnel travelling.
As a result, INPACS decided to counter balance all its GHG emissions by investing in Gold Standard projects (GS VER) and has been certified as a Climate Neutral Company since 2015.

In 2017, INPACS supported a project for clean water through borehole rehabilitation in rural districts of Uganda. Renovated boreholes deliver clean and safe water while a maintenance program ensures they remain in full working order. Unsafe water leads to massive health problems such as infections and diarrhea. That's why a large percentage of the Ugandan population boils their water, leading to releasing significant amounts of greenhouse gases, resulting in indoor air pollution and contributing to the deforestation in Uganda.

Less time spend collecting firewood means more time for girls to attend school and for women to pursue income generating activities. Forests are saved from deforestation and continue to be an important part of the local ecosystem.

As pointed out by José Del Pino, INPACS CEO: “This initiative is part of our firm and true sustainable approach, being a clear signal as a market leader to all of our partners and members that increasing the awareness of such activities is also the motivation essential to taking further steps in the near future.”