Cartiere Carrara

Cartiere Carrara, wholly owned by the Carrara family, is nowadays one of the main manufacturers and converters of tissue paper in Europe.

The integrated process allows Cartiere Carrara to produce, in-house, tissue paper mother reels and converted finished products for both the professional and consumer markets, serving more than 40 countries worldwide.
Cartiere Carrara has the converting capability to process its tissue paper production volume of 240 thousand tons per year into one of the largest ranges of finished products as toilet paper, hand towels, kitchen rolls, handkerchiefs and napkins.
Today the company counts over 500 employees and 9 production sites, all located in Italy.
In addition to paying particular attention to the effectiveness and efficiency of its production processes, Cartiere Carrara has always been focused on the sustainability of the social and ethical standards of its actions which is expressed by several certifications the company achieved.