Top Glove

Established in 1991, Top Glove is the world’s largest rubber glove manufacturer with 470 production lines, a production capacity of 42.6 billion pieces of gloves annually and 25% of the world market share. It owns and operates 27 manufacturing facilities (25 glove factories and 2 latex concentrate factories) located across Malaysia, Thailand and China.

A one-stop glove sourcing center, it offers a comprehensive range of products comprising latex, vinyl, and nitrile examination gloves, surgical gloves, cleanroom gloves, industrial gloves and thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) gloves, manufactured to world-class quality standards.  Top Glove’s extensive selection of gloves enables the company to serve the needs of its ever-expanding 2,000-strong customer base from a wide spectrum of industries, which spans 195 countries in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the Americas.

Customer satisfaction lies at the heart of its business.  With this in mind, Top Glove’s foremost priority is innovation and R&D, and it will continue to invest in these very important areas, towards ensuring continuous improvement in product quality, costing and production efficiency.

In all that Top Glove embarks on, it is guided by sound business principles. In particular, its time-honoured Business Direction To produce consistently high quality gloves at an efficient low cost has proven to be instrumental driving its exponential growth and will ensure its continued success.

Moving forward, Top Glove has set its sights on capturing 30% of the global market share by 2020.  With this in mind, the company will continue focusing on quality, automation, leveraging advanced technology, prudent cost control and efficiency across all aspects of its operations.  It will also invest in equipping its people with the skills and capabilities that enable them to drive growth and improvement.