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INPACS, Climate Neutral Company 2017

In 2017 INPACS participated again in a GHG emissions offset program with the non-profit organisation “Climate without Borders”.

Resuming our CSR efforts, INPACS has now successfully renewed its certificate of Carbon Neutrality through the purchase of Voluntary Emission Reductions (VER). These VER credits are invested in a program for clean water through borehole rehabilitation in rural districts of Uganda.
Renovated boreholes deliver clean and safe water while a maintenance program ensures they remain in full working order. Unsafe water leads to massive health problems such as infections and diarrhea. That’s why a large percentage of the Ugandan population boils their water, leading to releasing significant amounts of greenhouse gases, resulting in indoor air pollution and contributing to the deforestation in Uganda.
Less time spent collecting firewood means more time for girls to attend school and for women to pursue income generating activities. Forests are saved from deforestation and continue to be an important part of the local ecosystem.
As pointed out by Julia Del Pino, Sustainability Manager of INPACS: “Through participation in this Gold Standard program, not only are we off-setting our GHG emissions to become a Climate Neutral company but also helping to finance social projects in Uganda. It is part of our Corporate Social Responsibility within the INPACS organisation to increase awareness and consider any environmental impact created by our business operations. As a group of family-owned businesses it is our fundamental duty to engage in social support programs and continuously raise awareness about the importance of taking active steps for a sustainable future.”