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Let’s Re-think with Re-usable Coffee Cups

2019 is the year of record-breaking heatwaves and the public emerge of man-made climate change to an environmental and societal challenge for the whole world. In this course, action on climate protection plays a key role not just in the reduction of greenhouse gases, but also in the protection of species that are threatened by extinction due to loosing habitat. Trees are essentially responsible for binding CO2 and for giving habitat to many species – so decreasing the amount of paper based products can be an effective measure for climate and species protection. A publication of the German NGO “Deutsche Umwelthilfe” reveals that, in Germany, every year 2.8 billion paper coffee to go-cups are used (Deutsche Umwelthilfe e.V.: Umweltproblem Coffee to go-Einwegbecher, 2015). This equals the yearly cutting down of 43.000 trees.
With a view to the general market trend towards sustainability, which also leads to a decrease of the respective sales volume of paper cups, this initiative combines an environmental responsible product and supply chain management with increasing our level of competitiveness in the market.
We prepared a more detailed information package, which aggregates the relevant information on the sustainability background of the reusable cup as well as product characteristics and central operational issues.
We are happy to send it to you upon request (via e-mail to karina.hildebrandt@inpacs.com).